BEing Bambi

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Why Inflation???

Hi Sexies!

I've heard many times that a fetish BEgins during one's childhood, and I've often pondered this biological/psychological thought on many occasions as this is exactly what happened to me.

After seeing a painting of a nude, topless woman at the age of 6 I became fascinated with the thought of having my own BIG boobs! I immediately began stuffing bras and parading in front of mirrors while dreaming and wishing for the day I would have my very own.

A little later during my childhood I had the opportunity to see "Willy Wonka" on TV and fell in love with the Violet, Blueberry Girl expansion scene. Now, my dream and goal is to becum a "Blueberry Bambi", and any of you babes that know me also KNOW I will make this fantasy cum true! ;-)

Sexy Snuggles from,